Here at Companion Animal Hospital, we are a full- service hospital and offer a number of services for your pet.

We do not currently provide services to exotic pets or pocket pets (ex. reptiles, rabbits, birds).

Preventative Health

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Comprehensive Exam

Our experienced veterinarians perform a complete physical examination of your pet. We listen to your pet's heart and lungs, evaluate his or her vision, check for unusual lumps, look at your pet's teeth and oral cavity, and check your pet's joints for swelling or stiffness. During the exam, we also discuss home health care options for your pet and answer any questions that you may have.


Vaccinations are very important in preventing your pet from many life threatening diseases. We use the highest quality vaccinations to help keep your pet healthy.

Annual Wellness Bloodwork

Annual bloodwork gives us a way to check your pet for ailments or abnormalities that can not be seen visually. Together, the physical exam and the wellness bloodwork  provide a more complete view of your pet's overall health.

Preventative Medications

We carry several preventative products to keep your pet healthy. A few examples of prevention that we carry are: Trifexis, Sentinel, Heartgard, Nexgard, Bravecto, and Simparica.

Laboratory Services


Blood Parasite Check

In dogs, we recommend annual testing for blood parasites. The parasites include heartworms and ticks borne diseases such as Lyme disease. These tests make sure your pet is not suffering from a serious disease and makes sure your pet can continue to safely take his/her heartworm prevention medication.

Intestinal Parasite Check

We recommend annual examination of your pet’s feces under a microscope for clues about many different parasites. These parasites include, but are not limited to, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms and giardia.

Blood Chemistry Panels

Blood chemistry panels help our veterinarian determine how your pet’s organs, such as kidneys, pancreas and liver, are currently functioning. These tests can also help your veterinarian accurately diagnose and treat illness, as well as monitor your pet’s response to treatment. We also utilize these tests to determine whether further testing is needed.

Urine Analysis

Laboratory testing of your pet’s urine will help our veterinarians detect the presence of specific substances that normally do not appear in urine, including protein, sugar, white blood cells or blood. Measuring the dilution or concentration of urine can also help your veterinarian diagnose illness. Urinalysis can be helpful in diagnosing urinary-tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, kidney problems and other conditions (such as bladder stones).

Surgical Procedures


Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures including spays, neuters, declaws, growth removals, and a multitude of other abdominal surgeries (bladder surgery, intestinal surgery, etc.).

Orthopedic Surgery

We perform a variety of orthopedic procedures depending upon the surgical needs of your pet. We perform knee surgery, hip surgery, and fracture repair. In addition to surgical repair of fractures, we utilize splints, casting, and other methods to assist in healing of broken bones.

Diagnostic Imaging



Companion animal hospital utilizes advanced technology in the field of imaging. Our practice uses digital radiography (x-rays) that provides the highest quality images to help us evaluate your pet’s condition.


Our vets utilize the latest in non-invasive ultrasound technology that allows the veterinarian to look within your dog or cat's body to diagnose many conditions. At times this may help us avoid the need for surgery or other invasive diagnostics. For more advanced ultrasound we also utilize mobile ultrasound that allows more intricate diagnostics and additional availability for input from Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists.

Dental Care


Oral Care & Dental Cleaning

Oral care and prophylactic dental cleaning is an integral part of maintaining a healthy pet. Dental disease is the most common disease that affects pets and is often not addressed early enough. Dental disease can affect other organ systems including the kidneys and heart. A thorough physical exam is key to diagnosing dental disease. Prophylactic care and cleaning can save your pet from potentially painful dental disease. We offer 20% off Dental cleanings the months of February and September.

Dental Care Products

We offer a variety of products designed to help decrease the risk of dental disease, such as treats, Science Diet t/d food, water additives, toothpaste, and more.

End of Life and Euthanasia

End of Life & Euthanasia

Companion Animal Hospital is there for you during the loss of a beloved pet. Our caring staff will help you and your family in any way possible during this difficult time. Please click here for details about the memorial and crematory services we offer.


Mchip size

Microchip Implantation & Registration

Each year, millions of pets go missing and many don't make it back home. Microchipping is a simple, effective way to prevent this tragedy. About the size and shape of a grain of rice, identification microchips are encoded with your pet's vital information and implanted beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with scanners capable of reading these microchips. Our services include the implantation of the microchip and the initial registration.

Nutritional Consultation

Prescription Diets

We sell a number of prescription diets including Hill's and Royal Canin, depending on your pet's specific dietary needs.

Dietary Plans

We can help develop a nutritional plan that will help benefit your pet, whether he or she is obese and needs to lose weight or just requires a specialty diet for medical reasons.

Health Certificates

Interstate and International Health Certificates for Travel

For your convenience when traveling or moving, we offer Interstate and International Health Certificates. Due to the limited time frame when it comes to health certificates, please contact our office as soon as you have finalized your travel plans so that we are able to get any paperwork completed prior to your departure date.

Laser Therapy

We offer therapeutic laser treatment as a patient care option. Therapeutic laser has the proven ability to reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce inflammation. Examples of conditions that can benefit from laser therapy include arthritis, spinal pain, ear infections, skin wounds, and post-surgical pain. Please click here to visit the Companion Therapy Laser website to learn more.



Acupuncture is a tool of medicine that was developed in China thousands of years ago to heal ailments. Acupuncture is performed by a certified medical professional inserting needles into specific locations on the body to cause a response. Each location or point causes a specific action when stimulated by needles. The study and research of acupuncture is on the rise all around the globe and it is proving to be a useful tool for the treatment of several conditions. Acupuncture is not indicated for every ailment; however, in certain conditions it can be quite helpful. Contact us about scheduling a consult.


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